Hospital messages

This document describes how you produce your messages which are offered as part of the NowBaby TV package.

Each hospital is allocated 12 different messages within the loop. We provide ‘Generic’ messages where no specific messages have been written (please see below the PDF file to browse our Generic messages).

A single message subject may be spread over more than one screen. We recommend that a maximum of six screens are used for each message. For example, the message headed ‘APPOINTMENTS’ in the “Generic” set, consists of 5 screens but is still classed as one message.

When designing the messages, begin with the subject headings and provide the complete text relating to each heading, we will divide the text across the appropriate number of screens. As a guide each screen will contain a maximum of 35 words, including the headings.

You may include pictures in your messages but they must be supplied to us as high resolution jpeg files. If you have a short video clip (maximum 2 minutes) this can also be included as one of your messages. We will shorten videos that are longer than two minutes. If you wish to take up this option let us know and we will supply you with the details of the correct format.

If your hospital is part of a multi-hospital Trust, you have the option to have different messages for each hospital or use the same messages across all the hospitals within the Trust.

To enable us to build your message(s) we will require either a Word document, a Power Point presentation or hand written notes. Once we have received them, we will convert them into our standard format and send you a reference printout for your approval.

Contact us

Please send all of your information to  or you can post it to:

NowBaby TV
19 Hall Place Drive
KT13 0AJ

mob: 07837 037454

If you would like to discuss any of the above points, please do not hesitate to phone me.

Verity Jarvis

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