NowBaby TV is a unique information channel reaching parents-to-be in hospital antenatal waiting rooms nationwide.


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Please register using the link above, if you would like to play the hospital video on a full screen in your own antenatal group/class or through a projector or TV screen.

Recently Added Content

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We know how busy you are in your maternity units. So we have a link here for you to view what is currently showing on the screens in your unit and for you to quickly access any new videos, helping to bring you up to speed quickly.

Hospital Messages

Hospital Messages
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Each hospital is allowed to choose 12 different messages to be shown on the screens in their maternity or antenatal clinic.  Letting each hospital share local information and message relevant to their patients.

NowBaby TV Network

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You can use our interactive Map to view which hospitals NowBaby TV is located.  Find individual maternity and antenatal units websites directly from the map.


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The Kiosks are located in the maternity units and provide a token payment for patients to purchase their scan photographs.

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We take real pleasure in working with so many of our friends within the Midwifery community.  You are constantly being asked to give more and more and we know that the mothers that you have helped and those you will be helping in the future value everything you do.